History of gas welding

History of gas welding

Gas welding

Gas welding is a fusion welding process, in which the desired heat is obtained by mixing oxygen with flammable gas, following types of flammable gases are used in this process.


.When was oxy-acetylene gas welding introduced?

History of gas welding

History of gas welding

Henry Louis Le Chatelier

President of mineral chemistry at the Collge de France

Oxyacetylene process was an outgrowth of the discovery of Henry Louis Le Chatelier, a French chemist, who was born on 8 October 1850 in Paris and was the first who introduced theCombustion phenomena and the theory of chemical equilibria, high temperature measurements and dissociation phenomena during(1898-1899). In 1895, he showed that the combustion of acetylene with oxygen produced a flame having a temperature for higher than that of any gas flame previously known.

The commercial success of the oxy acetylene process, however depended upon the availability of oxygen and acetylene in sufficient quantities to make the process practical.

In the early 1900’s torches of a practical type were introduced and by 1903 the oxyacetylene process began to be used industrially.


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