Welding and its applications

Welding and its applications

Welding and its applications

Questions related to welding technology

  • What do you mean by welding?  


- Welding is a process of union between two or more parts of materials where it is united using heat/pressure or both.     Weldworld

Welding is used for joining materials together permanently by the application of heat and/or pressure. There are many welding processes that do not use heat for joining as pressure only is sufficient for the exchange of surface molecules to achieve the joint. called pressure welding process.
 In this way, we can divide the welding process into two main processes such as the fusion welding process and the cold welding processes.

There are various sources of heat are used for this purpose such as Electric Arc, Flammable gases, Atomic energy, Chemical reactions, Lessor, etc,
Welding work performed in various ways like Manual welding, semi-automatic welding, Automatic welding, etc.
In the modern era, several types of welding processes are used for joining metals. The concept of welding is being wider due to adding more techniques, Presently polymers can also be welded with several techniques.

Applications of welding

Welding is employed in the industry for both, repair and manufacturing  purposes such as:
  • Repair and fabrication of automobile cars, air-crafts, refrigerators, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance work, such as joining broken parts, rebuilding worn-out components, etc.
  • Repair and Construction of Aircraft.
  • Repair and Construction of Automobile.
  • Repair and Construction of Bridges and  Buildings.
  • Repair and fabrication of Pressure vessels and Tanks.
  • Repair and fabrication of Oil gas and water storage tank.
  • Repair and fabrication of Pipings and pipelines.
The welding process is applied in many other fields also such as Earthmoving machinery, Household, and office furniture, Trucks and trailers, and Ships, Machine tools, cutting tools, frames and dies, etc,.


To get mass production, robotic welding(Automatic welding process)is using in vide range. Thus we can say that welding technology is an important tool in the modern era.


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