Discontinuities in weld

Discontinuities in weld

Discontinuities in weld

Discontinuities in weld

  What are the Discontinuities in weld ?

Discontinuities actually break the continuity of the weld metal with the parent metal.it may related to welding process , Metallurgical or Related to Design.

Classification of discontinuities

Welding discontinuities can be classified as follows:

Discontinuities in weld

As we can see the structure of the discontinuities, it can be classified by three major parts, Dimensional,structural and Property related respectively.

 Dimensional discontinuities

Dimensional discontinuities denote the interruptions in continuity of the weld size,shape and finished dimensions.

structural discontinuities

Structural discontinuities arise within the weld during welding such as slag inclusions, porosity, cracks, incomplete fusion, inadequate joint preparation.

Properyt related discontinuities

The causes of Properyt related discontinuities are related to welding consumables and base metal properties, the use of incorrect chemistry and/or mechanical properties of the filler metals .

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