Classification  of welding Processes

Classification of welding Processes


What are the different types of welding? 

Classification of welding

Generally, two mediums are used to join metals in the welding process, namely pressure, and heat.
 In today's modern era, chemical reactions and lasers are also being used in the welding process.
Based on these, the welding process can be classified as follows:

Apart from these there  welding processes, some other welding processes are also being used in industry today, such as  Gravity welding process, etc. 

What is the source of heat in the fusion welding process?

In the fusion welding process, a wide variety of sources are used for heat production such as:
An electric arc, flammable gases, chemical reactions, atomic explosions, lasers, etc,.

What do you mean by an electric Arc? 

Electric Arc

when an electric arc is struck, about 50% of the electrical energy fed into the arc is available as heat energy. In the field of welding, an electric arc is used as a heat source to melt base metal and consumable electrode in order to form a strong union between the parts to be joined. Electric welding arc besides being a heat source, transfers material, creates turbulence in the molten weld pool, influences slag-gas metal reactions, weld bead geometry, weld metal structures and thus, in turn, the mechanical properties of the weld joints.   Weldtech



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